Why I’m Here

I’m 38 years old and an avid makeup, skin care, and fashion junkie. I’ve always been into those things, but also, I’m the only redhead in my family. Both parents have brown hair and brown eyes, the only other redhead relative is an Uncle on my mother’s side. (so maybe I’m not the milkman’s kid??)

I’ve navigated through life also being a left-handed person. Do you think that’s not difficult as well? EVERYTHING is made for right-handed people. I have smudges of ink and pencil everyday all over my left hand, fingers, paper, and anything my hand touches including clothes. You have to try hard to not look a hot mess as a left-handed person. Every day items all you right-handed people take for granted are backwards for lefties or just don’t work; like scissors. Because of this, I’m ambidextrous, I can play sports, write (kind of), and use items as if I were a right-handed person (again, kind of). But there are left-handed notebooks, desks, and scissors you say! Oh yes, please let me be that ONE red-headed left-handed girl using those things in a classroom full of vultures waiting to pick the meat off the bones of the weak. No, my friend, I will not sit in that left-handed desk.

I am well aware these are first world problems and that by no means was my childhood horrendous because I was teased for being different, carrot top was a favorite word to yell at me by the little darling children. However, I only took offense to that for two reasons: I did not and still do not have orange/red hair (not that there is anything wrong with that gorgeous color), and carrot tops were green as my mother told me to tell those kids as a retort. Maybe it is because I have brown hair/brown-eyed parents, although my Uncle has the orange/red hair. Most likely, it was the hand that I was dealt. I was very lucky, I had and continue to have, in my opinion of course, the perfect shade of red/auburn hair that you can never recreate from a bottle no matter how amazing your colorist is. As all hair, it changes over the years, as does skin texture, body shape, and all the wonderful things that come with aging.

I became a cosmetologist in my twenties as I’ve always been adventurous with makeup, hair color, and fashion. I had a lot of successes and flops with looks (The Spicegirls lead me to a million butterfly clips with glitter head to toe and platform shoes – hey wait, isn’t that what the kids today are doing?), but I’m here to try to save some of you gorgeous redheads out there some of the trouble, especially if you are a little timid and not like me where I just try it and see if it lands!

Of course we all have different color reds, skin color, etc. Most people just put us in one box, but each ginger couldn’t be more different from the next, so I will make recommendations accordingly. One specific product or item does not work on all of us! We are as rare as unicorns, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look good while prancing through life while everyone is staring at us excited to have finally spotted their first gorgeous creature!

Come with me on this adventure and I’ll try not to disappoint!

– Erin

Top Costumes For Halloween 2017

These are, of course, my opinion and if you have any popular ones that I forgot, please comment!!

1. Miranda Sings. If you haven’t binged on Haters Back Off on Netflix, you’re missing out! It started off as a character everyone thought was a real person and became a YouTube sensation! Miranda Sings is an amazing and hilarious costume!

Photo from mirandasings.com

2. Pretty much any character from Game of Thrones. I’ve been Khaleesi more than once over the years, had my husband dress up as dead King Rob after the red wedding (before my husband knew who he was, I’ve since gotten him addicted to the show). I wanted to be Ygritte, but alas, I waited too long. Now maybe the red queen (lord of the light), but should I be the old lady version? I’m thinking Olenna Tyrell because she was such a bad azz!

Photo from Watchers on the Wall

3. Claire and Jaime Fraser from Outlander. If you and your significant other want a steamy sexy night after your Halloween party, I highly recommend this costume for sure! My windows are steaming up just writing about it!

Photo from google images

4. The Walking Dead. Now, I’ve got to be honest, I have tried watching this show and I just can’t get into it. I don’t know why since I love zombie apocalypse stuff! But, I know how everyone has their own beloved characters and who wouldn’t mind a hot Norman Reedus look alike walking around??

Photo from NY daily news

5. Scandal. So many strong female characters to choose from and it’s in its last season, so if you haven’t been Olivia Pope before, now is the last time you can! Just make sure you can afford her amazing wardrobe!

Photo from Popsugar

6. Last, but not least… Superheroes! We’ve got a laundry list of them that are hot this year! Whether you’re Marvel or DC, there’s a super hero out there for you. With all of The Avengers, X-Men, and The Justice League/Black Panther movies coming out. Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Black Widow, the list can go on and on. You can pick your favorite superhero and do a DIY costume or go out and buy those crazy expensive ones that are already made for you. I kinda of like the idea of making your own, picking out the perfect items, maybe buying a weapon, but the rest was all of your hard work and you looking fantastic!

P.S. I almost forgot, if you haven’t watched Marvel Inhumans on Friday’s, it’s amazing. It has Ramsey Bolton from GOT being…yes, a bad guy who wants the throne haha, but they would make AMAZING costumes because there are so many powerful women in it. Medusa, Crystal, the powerful fighter who regenerates herself (I’m blanking on her name but she is bad azz). If you want to be Crystal, you’ll have to Reign your pup into being Lockjaw because what’s Crystal without Lockjaw?!

Photo from Wikipedia

Photo from Superherohype


Shark Tank: The Sleep Styler

I don’t know how obsessed you are with Shark Tank, but in my house, it goes beyond a guilty pleasure!

I recently purchase my FIRST Shark Tank item (usually the ones I want are way too expensive for me to justify buying something on a whim), but this was too good to pass up! Who doesn’t want to go to bed with wet hair and wake up with beachy waves?!

I’ve tried every curling iron and flat iron on the planet and can’t do it, I used to actually do hair for a living for goodness sakes!

I’m worried I made a mistake because I purchased the mini (they give you a discount if you buy both the original and the mini, I should have done that but I’m not made of money). I do think you should purchase both with the one-time discount to have the look of uneven curls, that’s just my opinion and I would have done so if I could. The only reason I’m stressing is because I now have long hair, which I haven’t had in a long time.

However, there are 12 mini’s (only 6 I think in the regular longer ones), and the mini’s are not just for short hair. They are for long hair that is fine. I wouldn’t say I have fine hair, it’s complex. Redheads have the most hair strands on the head than any other color hair. However, I would say that my individual strands are fine, it’s just that I have so many of them it seems like my hair is thick.

The large Sleep Styler is for long, thick, curly hair. I wouldn’t say I fit into that category either. My rationalization was this; for beach waves, you only want to curl mid-strand to end and therefore I wanted to have 12 curlers so I can break up my hair into smaller sections because of the density, but not so small that the curls are tight curls. I wanted more curlers so I could perfectly plan the placement of my curls.

Here are the mini’s:

They come with a fantastic step-by-step booklet for help with novices.

You get care and maintenance – yes you can clean/wash them!- and also styling tips! (They’re Velcro so….easy peasy lemon squeezey……I hope!) 🤞🏻

This book is really helpful in exactly how to use the product and get the look you want! plus, there are QR codes and even MORE tips with videos!

If these work and I get to save an hour to an hour and a half of styling/getting ready time in the morning, I WILL be purchasing the ones for long hair. I think having both sizes makes it look more natural and also, for those of us with layered hair, it will come in handy!

Come back tomorrow to see the results of tonight’s Sleep Styler experiment with pictures and keep your fingers crossed that things go well because I also have a job interview!


Eclipsed Words

The Law of Karma is actually is the Law of Cause and Effect. It is a law that relates to your fate and actions, and it is an unbreakable rule of the cosmos.

Karma is a Sanskrit word which basically translates to action. “What goes around comes around”, or “as you sow, so shall you reap”, are the underlying building blocks of karma.

There are many beliefs and different views and ideas about karma. Many people do not even agree that it exists. Allow me to analyze the concept for you. Again, if you’re in a hurry, feel free to rush down to my conclusion.

The Hindu and Buddhist religions both believe in karma. In the Hindu religion, karma influences how you are born in your next life. You can be born in lower life forms such as an animal, plant, or insect. You could even be born into a…

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My Favorite Fall Palette(s)

Let’s face it, the fall season was tailored for redheads! We look fantastic in neutrals, brown, red-brown, copper, and all of the colors the leaves turn.

I’m also a fan of the new Kat Von D Shade + Light Glimmer Palette because who doesn’t love a little sparkle, but sometimes less is more so I mix it with her first Shade + Light eye palette, which is matte/satin.

Both palettes compliment each other, as you can see in the side by side picture. They also made a glimmer brush, which I purchased because I have quite a few of her brushes and love them, I didn’t think it was a “gimmick brush” like so many companies do; it didn’t say this palette won’t work without this brush.


These palettes are truly the most amazing neutral ones I’ve seen in a long time. I love how they are in grouped in colors that go together and aren’t just in one big line. You can mix and match outside of their respective groups, they still go together with a perfect blend.

I know these pictures are taken in the dark and not the best, but, taking the pictures in the dark with a flash shows the glimmer palette at its best!


The only thing I disliked is that I purchased from the Kat Von D site itself because of the “sample setting spray” that came with. The “sample” was literally as big as a perfume sample and was useless (shown in the picture below). I could have purchased at Sephora, received numerous samples, and a beauty insider deluxe sample since I’m VIP Rouge.


The brush was worth it, I may purchase another for my Metal Palette. Having both palettes are also worth it because you can have full glimmer, full matte/satin, or a mix of both. They also have the grouping of neutrals that go well together, and go well with different (or all) redheads. I’ve tried all three groups together; separately, and in different seasons when my skin has more/less than a tan. I’ve never been disappointed! It’s well worth the money!

Ps. My cat Lucy likes it and gives her paw of approval so I decided to add this adorable pic of her with the glimmer pallet because I can! Hope it gave you a smile 😘

– Erin